Monday, April 5, 2010

Random and uninvited.

Uninvited, random thought.
Did I leave the window open?
The door?

You would be.
You cannot stay.
You burred and barbed,
Hooked and crooked,
Twisted and tempting

I will take no action.
And you can grow,
If you like.
And make more yellow.
Take over sky blue.

I will take no action.

I can sleep and drift,
But you will swell,
Lift the skin. Infect.

You are the canary.
You are the signal.
You are peripheral,
Shifting to center.
Bore into the burrow of my brain.
Take up the chair.
Take up the bed.
Take up the room.
I will roll over and close my eyes.

Take up my eyelids.

I can exhale you.
I can busy myself.
I will crowd you out.
And you will drop to the bottom of your cage,

I will take no action.

Not closing the window.
Doors ajarred. Unbarred.
But I never invited you.

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