Friday, November 15, 2013

What if Yarn Bombing replaced actual bombing?

BombER ROCKS Local Market
Associated Press
November 15, 2013

Samara—13 people were delighted in the Iraqi city of Samara today when a yarn bomber went off in a crowded market. Those closest to the epicenter experienced varying critical effects with four people receiving sweaters, two with their heads covered in colorful berets, and one man fought back tears as he pulled a red and white striped alpine ski cap around his ears by the freshly knitted tassels. One woman who had been standing nearby pointed out her pink leg warmers and smiled “I am just glad I walked away with something I can show my family.” An older man, holding a tea pot cozy with a zig zag pattern, mused “I was meant to have this. It is by god’s will that I was here. I am always serving cold tea to my old friends because my teapot holds no warmth. But not after this day.” Iraqi Police are overjoyed but somewhat baffled. “While we are still gathering evidence, we definitely have found some patterns here”, said Sgt. Al-Asadi as he held up a vest pattern and several darning needles that appeared to be homemade. “We are following up on a tip from several people with mittens who reported witnessing a young boy, who had been closest to the yarn bomber, that fled the scene with a large afghan,” Al-Asadi said. Police are seeking the boy for questioning to see if he can identify the perpetrator and knit them all new beanies for the winter.