Wednesday, November 12, 2008


'merica the beautiful.

The only way to start any race is with a sawed-off twelve gauge fired directly into the air. Seen that new Dodge commercial?

Cowboys, Firemen and even 2 librarians in strategically blurred, hairy muscle suits (if I'm remembering correctly) all set out in a race through desert, pyrotechnics and ball-busting jumps. Whose dodge ram will survive? Grinning and covered from head to toe in facial hair these MachoSexuals, caricatures of what it really means to be an american, plunge, head first, into this race of guts, glory and guts. And glory.

Though we do not know yet how this race turns out (patience my pets), we do know that only the cutting room floor will bear witness to the final scene in which each group takes turn bludgeoning to death a baby seal with their swollen hardy genitals.

God bless 'merica.

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